We’re Experts… at Failing

We embrace failure! We view failure for what it really is: a valuable feedback for learning and action. We know failure is just a function of trying bold things. We know your success lies in seeing failure as a tool. It propels growth. It creates “aha” moments. It creates extraordinary change.

Albert Einstein once said, “failure is a success in progress”. Outsource your failures to us and keep all the success! We consistently test ourselves and learn from failed attempts to build character. Invest in us and we’ll be happy to brunt all the failure for you.

Then, Why Elbi?

We all stayed for years at Los Baños (commonly known as elbi) to learn from the prestigious University of the Philippines Los Baños. We claimed experts and once thought, “college should be easy!” Then, we learned nothing is easy and we failed repeatedly in our journey getting that diploma. Then it hit us. Failure is not a bad thing. It is the inevitable part of learning and the prerequisite of success. It’s just like solving a complicated math problem. It’s tough to understand at first. You’ll even flank a few times. Then suddenly, something clicks after the grittiness and the grind. Elbi Agency pays homage to the institution and the place where we all dared to fail miserably in order to achieve greatness.

Elbi agency’s mission is to provide pioneering and bold strategy consultancy, design and development solutions, and digital marketing services to international and domestic clients utilizing an lean entrepreneurial management and design thinking framework.

With our mission and out attachment to Los Baños, Elbi agency envisions Los Baños (elbi) as the premier entrepreneurial and digital services hub in the Philippines .

The Team


Edrian Bautista

CEO, Co-Founder

Biggest Failure: Kicked out of college
How He Risen: Became an engineer & discovered e-commerce as his true calling

Influencer Networking
Marketing & Growth Hacking
Project Management
Apps & Platforms

R.M. Nisperos, MBA, CEP

Strategy, Co-Founder

Biggest Failure: Almost got kicked out of college
How He Risen: Finished UP MBA and became a UP professor

Business Strategy
Lean & Design Thinking
Customer Experience Design
Marketing & Growth Hacking
Business Administration

Jonas Nisperos

Co-Founder, Developer

Biggest Failure: Delayed graduation due to playing online games
How He Risen: Became a licensed teacher while mastering content & web development

Visual Creativity
Audio & Video Editing
Graphics Designing
Website Development
Wordpress Development

Lorenzo Zavalla

Co-Founder, Developer

Biggest Failure: Delayed graduation in BS Computer Science
How He Risen Developed websites & apps while still in college

Computer Algorithms
Machine Learning
UX/UI Design
Advanced Programming
Mobile Development