Complex E-Commerce Services with Simplified Pricing for MSMEs


Complex E-Commerce Services with Simplified Pricing for MSMEs

Managed E-Commerce Services

The Elbi Agency Managed E-Commerce Services is our bundled plan that includes all our services at a discounted price. Get this and you’ll get 20% OFF for life. You’ll also get the e-commerce strategy service for FREE as our way to sweeten the deal. 

  • E-Commerce Strategy

    Managed E-Commerce Services Includes FREE E-Commerce Strategy Service. You’ll see how we plan and execute it using our Project Management Software

  • E-Commerce Website

    We’ll develop and maintain a WordPress-based e-commerce platform to enable your online business. We’ll include everything from your chosen domain and hosting server maintenance.

  • Digital Marketing

    We’ll develop a customized marketing plan for you that will propel our business growth. Our digital marketing style includes lean and design thinking tools.

  • E-Commerce Strategy:  ₱10,000 FREE
  • E-Commerce Website Development:₱50,000 ₱40,000 (One-Time Payment)
  • E-Commerce Website Maintenance:₱10,000 FREE 
  • Digital Marketing:  ₱15,000 ₱12,000 (Monthly Billing)

E-Commerce Strategy

The Elbi Agency E-Commerce Strategy is our consultation packed aimed at improving your existing e-commerce business. This consultation service is also great for entrepreneurs who have an idea but don’t know how to start their online business.  The Elvi Agency E-Commerce Strategy package includes business model development, play-to-win strategy and a marketing framework that you can follow to grow your business. 

Price:  ₱10,000 (One-Time)

E-Commerce Website

The Elbi Agency E-Commerce website service is a website development and maintenance package for MSMEs. The package includes Domain Registration, Hosting Service (cPanel), Unlimited Pages, Unlimited Functionality, E-Commerce Enabled and Branding Design. Whatever your ideas are, we got you covered.

Development:  ₱50,000 (One Time) Maintenance:  ₱10,000 (Annual)

Digital Marketing

The Elbi Agency Managed Digital Marketing Services is our way of doing marketing. We’ll build a marketing framework customised for your business and execute it scientifically to find what’s the best tactics to use. This scientific approach utilized the lean and design thinking frameworks in experimenting digital marketing tactics in the realm of paid, organic and creatives (growth hacking).

Price:  ₱15,000 (Monthly)
*exclusive of paid ads budget

We’re ready to grow your business